FAM’s NFL Kings Of The Hill Week 10 Recap


NFL Kings Of The Hill Week 10

By Bruce Harris

Injuries have taken down some of the league’s brightest stars but it’s all about the next man up. Lets see who’s still standing and crown some asses while we are at it!

AFC East


Crown: Foxboro

What happened: The Patriots went into Denver on SNF and wrecked shop.

Different season, same story. The Pats (7-2) boat raped the Broncos (3-6) in Denver, 41-16. This team will be there at the end, once again. You can’t even hate on them anymore. Just appreciate their greatness and Crown Em!

The Bills (5-4) have lost 2 in a row, this time to the red hot Saints (7-2), 47-10 at home. I thought this team was headed towards the Wild Card, apparently they are headed nowhere fast. Just like the Jets (4-6) who managed to lose a suck fest to the Buccs (3-6), 15-10.

The Dolphins (4-5) got embarrassed again in Prime Time, 45-21 by the Panthers (7-3).

AFC North


Crown: The Burgh

What happened:  Pittsburgh came off a bye to barely beat the Colts.

The Steelers (7-2) beat the Colts (3-7) in Indy, 20-17. But a win is a win and they are still challenging for homefield advantage in the AFC this year. Crown Em!

The rest of the division sucks pretty bad. The Bengals and Ravens are a combined 7-11 and the Browns still haven’t won a game.

AFC South


Crown: Jax or Nashvegas.

What happened: The Titans and Jags are now tied at 6-3.

Last week I said the Jags thanks to their D would win this thing, now I’m not so sure. They needed OT just to beat the Chargers (3-6) at home, 20-17. While the Titans looked just impressive enough in their win vs. the Bengals (3-6), 24-20. Too early to call a winner here. Will have to watch it play out.

The Colts (3-7) and Texans (3-6) are both done. That’ll happen when you lose your QB1 for the season.

AFC West


Crown: Kansas City

What happened: KC had a bye week.

The Chiefs (6-3) enjoyed a bye and are sitting comfortably in first. Crown Em.

The Raiders (4-5) are in 2nd place and also had the bye week.

The Chargers are the best 3-6 team I’ve ever seen and almost got the East Coast road win in Jax (6-3), but fell in OT, 20-17. Philly Rivers is a first ballot HOFer in my book. Crown Him.

The Broncos (3-6) should trade for Eli Manning in the offseason. Can’t get much worse up there.

NFC East


Crown: The City of Brotherly Love

What happened: The Eagles had a bye week.

Philly (8-1) is going to run away with homefield advantage. Fly Eagles, Fly!

The Cowboys (5-4) lost to the Falcons (5-4), 27-7. Other owners are talking about stripping Jerry Jones of his team ownership. Would ‘Boys fan like that? I would.

The Skins (4-5) came up short again, 38-30 to the Vikings (7-2). Washington just can sustain success.

The Giants (1-8) let the 49ers (1-9) win their first game, 31-21. Ben McAdoo needs fired.

NFC North


Crown: Minnesota

What happened:  The Vikes beat the Skins in DC.

Minny (7-2) is playing great ball and will be a tough out in the playoffs. This week they beat the Redskins (4-5), 38-30. Crown Em!

Don’t look now but your Detroit Shitcats (5-4), have won 2 in a row. This week they beat the Browns (0-9), 38-24. Yeah, it was just the Browns, but the D will take any W they can get these days.

The Packers (5-4) are still alive for a Wild Card and beat the Bears (3-6), 23-16. Good for them.

NFC South


Crown: Nawlins

What happened: The Saints won their 7th in a row.

“Can’t travel, won’t score on the road, doesn’t play defense.” Well these aren’t my grand daddy’s Saints (RIP, Harry, you were a heck of fan). No, Sir. These Saints (7-2) will kick your ass anywhere, anytime. This time they took their act to Buffalo (5-4) and came home with a 47-10 victory. Crown Em!

The Panthers (7-3) kept pace by shellacking the Dolphins (4-5) on MNF, 45-21.

The Falcons (5-4) got back in the win column, besting the Cowboys (5-4), 27-7 at home. Do they have a 2nd half comeback in them? Probably not.

The Buccs (3-6) used some Fitzmagic to beat the Jets (4-6), 15-10 at home.


NFC West


Crown: L.A.

What happened: L.A. blew out the Texans at home.

The Rams (7-2) are FOR REAL. They proved that to the Texans (3-6), 33-7. Crown em!

The ‘Hawks (6-3) aren’t the team they once were, but are still a playoff contender. They beat the Cards (4-5) on TNF, 22-16.

The Niners (1-9) got their first win of the season, 31-21 over the Giants (1-8). Kudos.


Kings Of The Hill Super Bowl Predictor:

Patriots vs Eagles


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