The NHL is On the Channel You Never Choose

Round 1. Contest 1 of the first FAM Writing Tournament. Contestants volunteered and were paired and given a random topic to discuss. Then 5 judges reviewed the submissions based upon humor, creativity, grammar, and clarity with the chance to win bonus points. More rules can be found in the forums.


By:  RBAU05

out of no where, the boy suddenly decided today was the first day of the rest of his life.  he was done sitting in a corner.  he was done blending in.  he was done being ignored by all the pretty 5th grade girls… especially jacki.  this was the day where he begins fcking every day in the ass from here on out.  so instead of being in the dark and wearing his typical “dork” outfit he’s been reminded everyday that he is wearing for all 10 living years of his depressioned filled life, suddenly the light switch was turned on though.  it was turned on by a ragged homemade shirt that caught his eye at a thrift store… found in a dark corner that had no place of being there.  this shirt didnt say, “shoot for the stars” or even  “carpe diem” written in some cool block print.  There was no dragon breathing fire on this shirt, or any kind of label what so ever.  It was simply a gray shirt that someone had stitched in the back a saying…”The NHL is on the Channel you Never Chose”.  His life changed that instant but it would be years later till he realized what ‘NHL’ stood for and on his death bed after he accomplished everything he wanted to do and more than that 10 year old ever dreamed…. he realized what that shirt that changed his life meant.  ‘Not Here Long’


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