FAM for Kids: Bentley


bentlyAt FAM the desire to aid children in suffering comes before anything else. We are always looking for causes and kids in need of support. We are willing to tackle any malady or disease. Next on our list of opponents is Ectodermal Dysplasia. In the effort to raise awareness for this terrible disease, we are also trying to help fund the continuous efforts to find relief for a 3 yr. old little boy named Bentley. Bentley has lived with Ectodermal Dysplasia, symptoms of severe eczema and an auto immune disorder his entire life. Due to the disease, little Bentley does not have sweat glands like most people. Thus his body cannot regulate temperature, something the average person takes for granted. The disease and severe eczema cause severe skin issues, rendering his skin to look as if it’s been burned and making it painful. He has had to have teeth removed and will more than likely require more dental work in the future, His food is closely controlled because he has numerous severe allergies.

We could go on and on about how much Bentley has to deal with on a daily basis but these are just a few things on his long list of daily struggles. We list all these negative not to make you sad but to help you understand how strong Bentley truly is as a person. Bentley is one of many children who know the true meaning of adversity without actually knowing the definition of the word. He doesn’t understand adversity, he lives it.

As of right now Bentley is still on a constant regimen of tests and medicine to help get to the bottom of all the symptoms he is dealing with. Instead of being able to just be a carefree kid he has to take multiple trips a year out of state for these specialized tests and this is why we are trying to raise funds for him. How can you help Bentley? There are a few ways we are asking people to help…either you can share his gofundme with your Facebook friends or you can simply donate to his cause. We understand that in this economy right now, we cannot always donate funds but please help by at least helping share his story.

Thank You