FAM College Football Predictions Week 8

Our FirstAndMonday panel of college football experts have beenn putting together their weekly predictions and here are last week’s results followed by the season long standings, so you know who to ignore…

Last Weeks Results

Creativecrete- 9-1
Card44- 8-2
Dean Wormer- 8-2
Preluderl- 8-2
Tysmiff- 7-3
Mooseshadowa- 7-3
Satevo- 7-3
Rootgers- 6-4
Baxter McFarland- 6-4
Epicbret- 5-5

Season Standings

Tysmiff- 46-23
Mooseshadows- 46-23
Card44- 44-25
Dean Wormer- 41-19
Baxter McFarland- 40-29
Satevo- 40-29
Epicbret- 39-30
Creativecrete- 37-23
Preluderl- 37-32
Rootgers- 37-32


And onto this week’s picks!

Auburn @ Arkansas


Card44- Auburn
Tysmiff- Arkansas
Creativecrete- Arkansas
Rootgers- Auburn
Baxter McFarland- Arkansas
Mooseshadows- Arkansas
Dean Wormer- Arkansas
Preluderl- Arkansas
Epicbret- Auburn
Satevo- Auburn

Texas A&M @ Ole Miss


Card44- Texas A&M
Tysmiff-  Texas A&M
Creativecrete- Texas A&M
Rootgers- Ole Miss
Baxter McFarland- Ole Miss
Mooseshadows- Texas A&M
Dean Wormer- Ole Miss
Preluderl- Texas A&M
Epicbret- Ole Miss
Satevo- Texas A&M

Clemson @ Miami


Card44- Clemson
Tysmiff- Clemson
Creativecrete- Clemson
Rootgers- Miami
Baxter McFarland- Clemson
Mooseshadows- Miami
Dean Wormer- Clemson
Preluderl- Clemson
Epicbret- Clemson
Satevo- Miami

Northwestern @ Nebraska


Card44- Nebraska
Tysmiff- Nebraska
Creativecrete- Nebraska
Rootgers- Nebraska
Baxter McFarland- Northwestern
Mooseshadows- Nebraska
Dean Wormer- Northwestern
Preluderl- Northwestern
Epicbret- Northwestern
Satevo- Nebraska

Tennessee @ Alabama


Card44- Alabama
Tysmiff- Alabama
Creativecrete- Alabama
Rootgers- Alabama
Baxter McFarland- Alabama
Mooseshadows- Alabama
Dean Wormer- Alabama
Preluderl- Alabama
Epicbret- Alabama
Satevo- Alabama

Duke @ Virginia Tech

UNC v Duke. Duke won 33-30 with touchdown by Crowder. Duke becomes bowl eligible for first time since 1994. Jon Gardiner/Duke Photography

Card44- Duke
Tysmiff- Virginia Tech
Creativecrete- Duke
Rootgers- Virginia Tech
Baxter McFarland- Duke
Mooseshadows- Duke
Dean Wormer- Duke
Preluderl- Duke
Epicbret- Duke
Satevo- Duke

Texas Tech @ Oklahoma


Card44- Oklahoma
Tysmiff- Oklahoma
Creativecrete- Oklahoma
Rootgers- Oklahoma
Baxter McFarland- Oklahoma
Mooseshadows- Oklahoma
Dean Wormer- Oklahoma
Preluderl- Oklahoma
Epicbret- Oklahoma
Satevo- Oklahoma

Florida State @ Georgia Tech


Card44- FSU
Tysmiff- FSU
Creativecrete- FSU
Rootgers- FSU
Baxter McFarland- FSU
Mooseshadows- FSU
Dean Wormer- FSU
Preluderl- FSU
Epicbret- FSU
Satevo- FSU

Utah @ USC


Card44- Utah
Tysmiff- USC
Creativecrete- Utah
Rootgers- Utah
Baxter McFarland- USC
Mooseshadows- Utah
Dean Wormer- Utah
Preluderl- Utah
Epicbret- Utah
Satevo- Utah

Washington @ Stanford


Card44- Stanford
Tysmiff- Stanford
Creativecrete- Stanford
Rootgers- Stanford
Baxter McFarland- Stanford
Mooseshadows- Stanford
Dean Wormer- Stanford
Preluderl- Stanford
Epicbret- Stanford
Satevo- Stanford


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