Discovered: The Imagine All These Jimmies Gorilla

We here at FirstAndMonday love high-quality, puro Internetting. The best of the best when it comes to e-humor, notably in Gif or Meme form. So it shouldn’t surprise anybody that two of our favorites are the rustled and unrustled jimmies gorillas, the latter taken from your allergic kid’s favorite simian-themed cereal. When someone is mad, or you are so not mad, throw a primate at them and – boom… conflict averted. Everyone’s now too busy laughing.

jimmies-rustled-softly rustled-my-jimmies-planet-of-the-apesjimmiesgorilla1


As you can see, the jimmies gorilla is an affable fellow, and capable of transversing time and space to make you smile. Well, we are pleased to announce we have found video footage of a REAL LIVE JIMMIES GORILLA, rustling aplenty. We thus present, the “Imagine All These Jimmies Gorilla” in all his glory.