December 4 – National Cookie Day

Gives us this day our daily sugar fix.
Gives us this day our daily sugar fix.

Of course there are people who DON’T like cookies. We guess Hitler, Stalin, Chairman Mao and Pol Pot were not all about sweets in general. For the rest of us, it doesn’t get any better than a fresh warm batch of cookies right out of the oven to go with an ice cold glass of milk. It doesn’t even matter which kind: chocolate chip, oatmeal, peanut butter, coconut, Girl Scout, Oreo. If its made with flour and sugar, it’s all good.

We can all thank the cookie don himself, the Cookie Monster, for this wonderful day. Although the Cookie Monster has added fruits and vegetables to his diet (most likely to do with diabetes or some sort of heart disease) he is allowed with the rest of us to celebrate the sacred delicious disk that is the cookie.

With the National Cookie Day Pontiff Cookious Monstromus on hand lets all kneel and worship at the altar of deliciousness that is the cookie.