FAM’s Top Ten One Hit Wonders (cover songs edition)

FirstAndMonday’s Top Ten One Hit Wonders (cover songs edition)

By Bruce Harris

“One hit wonders come and then they go”- Capt. Obvious

There is no shame in being a one hit wonder band. It takes an amazing amount of factors to go right all at the same time to even ever score a hit single. And once you have that hit, no one can ever take that away from you.

What follows is a list of bands who’s one hit was actually a cover song. Some of these may be a surprise to you, if so, look them up to find the originals. Some of you reading this might be really into one of the bands listed and will want to argue that they had other hits. If so, feel free to bounce it around on our free message board. But trust me, they did not have any other hits. So from 10 to 1…here…we…go!

#10 Orgy- Blue Monday
This song is still a staple of my football tailgating play list because it hits hard!

#9 The Cowboy Junkies- Sweet Jane
I really love this band. Whites Off Earth Now and Trinity Sessions are both amazing albums. But this was the closest they ever came to a hit song. And probably one of their weaker attempts, to be honest. If you like delta blues and Americana, check out the two albums I just mentioned. They sound nothing like this track.

#8 Sixpence None The Richer- There She Goes
This a great pop song. It hooks you in and then it nests in your ear like a worm. Too bad they didn’t write it.

#7 Alien Ant Farm- Smooth Criminal
Back in the days of CD’s, before you could just download a single track, I actually bought this CD. The single was that damn good and I thought this band was going places. I heard they are touring again, so I guess they still are going some places.

#6 Lemonheads- Mrs. Robinson
This was a talented lot led by Evan Dando and they still have a cult following, however, they had no other mainstream hits besides this cover.
Its a shame about….Evan.

#5 The Ataris- Boys of Summer
This song is on my jogging play list. It always puts a pep in my step. Well, done, boys. Great work!

#4 Dynamite Hack- Boyz in The Hood
In my book, this is more of a remake than a cover. They definitely put their own stamp on this track.

#3 Manfred Mann- Blinded by The Light
I still say “wrapped up like a douche” every time, and I still laugh every time. Don’t judge me.

#2 UB40- Red, Red Wine
A staple of any sun deck reggae band or DJ, this song always gets me in the mood to either go swimming or drink red wine, or both.  Maybe you go deeper with their other songs than I do. Maybe you think they had other hits. UBWrong.

#1 Soft Cell- Tainted Love
This song still sounds as fresh today as it did back in the 1980’s. A great sing-a-long anthem of a danceable track. “Sometimes I think I’ve got to” BAM BAM “runaway”!

So in closing, a big FAM congrats to all who made our list and a warm invitation to any of these acts to play our next corporate picnic.

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