Countdown to Football: 46 Days

The Number Without a Hall of Famer

Believe it or not there are numbers out there with no Pro Football Hall of Famers attached to them. 46 is one of the few numbers that falls into this category. Although Lou Groza did wear the number for a short stint with the Browns, he wore the #76 for longer and it is the number he is more widely recognized for. Think about this for a second though… In the last one hundred years no elite player has ever decided to wear 46. We need to change that folks. Let’s get a running back or a defensive back into 46. This needs to happen.

1946 Professional Football Season – Professional Football Goes West

1946 was a big year for professional football. The NFL was in it’s 27th season and the All-America Football Conference was founded. The AAFC was a league that was meant to rival the NFL… Which they did beautifully, in more ways than one. The AAFC was more than happy to sign black football players in 1946, something that the NFL had not done the three previous years. The AAFC was also a league that thrived with great players, with 16 members of the league eventually enjoying enshrinement in the Professional Football Hall of Fame, despite the short lived life of the league. However, with the exception of integrating professional football, the biggest move the AAFC made was making professional football a coast-to-coast commodity. The All-America Football Conference had eight teams, with three teams west of the Mississippi and two teams on the west coast. The westward movement of the AAFC also forced the NFL to move west, and history was made with the NFL moving all the way across the country.

46 Yards at 303-pounds

Rumble Sheldon Rankins Rumble