Cheat Codes for Real Life: Cooking Edition 4/23/2015

Cheat Codes for Real Life
Cheat Codes for Real Life

Cheat Codes for Real Life brings you another installment of its Cooking Edition. At FirstandMonday, we offer up some great recipes for you, and if preparing your own meals is the kind of high-brow stuff you enjoy, check some of our stuff out (seriously, Beef RouladenBanh Mi, and plenty of other really cool and tasty dishes, just look around and enjoy) . But here (go ahead, insert a low-brow joke) we believe in working smarter, not harder.


Math?!?, WTF, that’s hard! We know, that’s our reaction too, but in the kitchen proper measurements are important. Equally important, but often overlooked, is knowing the equivalents of various types of measures. To help you out, enjoy this cheat sheet:

Kitchen measurements - Copy
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Okay, so you have decided to try one of our delicious recipes but are missing a key ingredient or two, or, more likely, the female in your life is cooking and has come up short on some item on her list. The usual answer – run out to the grocery store. Obviously, that’s harder worker than you care to engage in (and quite hazardous on a Sunday afternoon where you have already been imbibing for a few hours). So, get smarter, dumb ass. Learn what can be substituted for many common ingredients. And because you aren’t drinking low calorie beer, these substitutions tips are presented with an eye towards being (somewhat) healthy:

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You can even make substitutions that are healthy on those yummy baked goods to avoid that trip to the grocery store when your wife is having her regularly-scheduled cravings.  On second thought, don’t bring the healthy part up to her then, and use the lack of ingredients as your opportunity to run.  For other situations, these baking substitutions are still pretty clever.

Healthy%20Baking%20Substitutions - Copy
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Sure, some of you are probably excellent preppers. But we aren’t talking about your arsenal, bug-out bag, and other doomsday scenario bullshit (yeah, we are worried about the armies of bath-salt zombies too, just not that much). No this is the type of food prep that everyone hates – peeling, slicing, and the like. Well, follow some of this wisdom to make these tasks slightly less tedious:

Let’s start with a task that is synonymous with boring, rigorous, and general pain in the ass status – Potato Peeling:

A quick little tip that most don’t think of, and instead just go about cutting the top off of a strawberry while risking their fingers with blade of choice, and losing a decent amount of the actual fruit:

Because cracking eggs sucks, and you always screw it up:

b991b839d017ea0d53e3dcec9d5428ee - Copy

Warning: Don’t be a smartass and tell your wife this one after the fact as though you knew it all along.  Simply show it to her now.  Trust us.

And because you all enjoyed the cool knife tricks we talked about, let’s join our friend, the Crazy Russian Hacker, showing us how to cut up stuff. The video is long, but well worth it with tips on watermelon, mangoes, pineapple and more:


Whether you just blew your weekly paycheck at Costco and stocked up on industrial quantities of food to last the entire month, or you make weekly trips to your local grocer, knowing how to properly store your food is key. And, no, throwing it all in the fridge, the pantry, or on the counter is not good enough.  This is a pretty thorough chart to keep you from spoiling your food and getting food poisoning, so take the time to enlarge it and read it, even if it’s just for others who may share in your food.

152966-How-To-Store-Your-Groceries - Copy
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AND YES, YOU CAN CLICK TO MAKE ALL OF THE INFOGRAPHS BIGGER.  Seriously, do you people even internet?

Join us in our forums to discuss these and any other clever food hacks you have.