Cheat Codes for Real Life – April Fools’ Day 2015


Cheat Codes for Real Life
Cheat Codes for Real Life

April Fools’ Day is here, and for your weekly edition of Cheat Codes for Real Life from FirstandMonday, we thought we would make your pranking game a little easier. So we took some time to compile some apps and videos of clever pranks for you. We take no responsibility for your use or misuse of anything in here, and remember this should all be in good fun.

OMG!!! WTF!!! THAT’S MY CAR!!!!/id358055270?mt=8

dude_your_car_app - Copy

With this app you can take a photo of someone’s car, and then digitally add all kinds of fun things – accident damage; key marks down the side; a boot; flames. Delightfully cruel, especially for that coworker who thinks just a little too much of their ride or just bought something new.

Scary Prank Time –

scary-app-screenshot-01 - Copy

Pranks are supposed to be funny and lighthearted, right? Well, sometimes a good scary prank is in order. With this app, you can invite a friend to play this addictive new game you just downloaded. Little do they know, 30 seconds in, AAARRGGGHHHH!

For Android guys, check out this app that allows you to insert ghostly specters into photographs. For those spooked by ghost stories and movies regarding demonic possession, editing a few pics will be a great gotcha.


So you are old school, huh? None of this high tech stuff for your pranking? That’s okay, our motto is work smarter, not harder, so let us help you get your prank on a little easier.

At the outset, we know this site isn’t much help this year, but if you are an alpha pranker, you probably don’t need April Fools’ Day to justify mischief. If you are so inclined, however, will gladly ship a wide range of things to your victim.

Bag of Dicks – yep

61X7tzDDLTL__SX522_1024x1024 - Copy

Glitter Envelope – Of course

disguised_1024x1024 - Copy

Annoying Box of Sand – they have that

4_1024x1024 - Copy

Box of Poop – a standard

5_grande - Copy

Glitter or Poop Spring Loaded Bomb – why the hell not?

7_1024x1024 - Copy 3 - Copy

Best of all, the site lets you ship anonymously for the most possible havoc with the least possible consequences. What really is helpful though is their latest product:

butthurt_care_package_grande - Copy

Just for those who you know will be especially chapped with your prank, or for your favorite message board fan base that just got rustled (we love you Wolverines).

If you want to share some of your own, or offer up some great prank videos, check out our forum!