Cheat Codes for Real Life 05/20/2015: More Secret Menus

Cheat Codes for Real Life
Cheat Codes for Real Life

Okay men, if the amount of activity we see in the frequent lunch and dinner threads over in our free forums tells us anything, food is pretty important around here. So, let’s get right to it with a new installment of Cheat Codes for Real Life: Secret Menus brought to you by FirstandMonday.

McDonald’s:  We have already given you some tips on how to hack their menu for discounts, but let’s focus on their secret menu options for a moment:

mcgangbang - CopyMcGangbang

Double up for two bucks.  Order a McDouble and a McChicken, then simply place the McChicken between the patties of your McDouble to make this legendarily named sandwich.  Varying degrees of success result when trying to order it directly, so be warned (success ranges from getting what you intended and being in precarious situation with several McD’s employees…) (Ed. Note: not that bad of an outcome if you like the smell of fry oil).

mcd_mcchicken_malcolm - CopyChicken and Waffles

Okay, so it doesn’t involve waffles.  But the fact is a McChicken patty between two McGriddles is a chicken breakfast sandwich to rival the best of them.

monstermac - CopyMonster Mac

Really needs no words, just the picture.  To order, ask for 8 or more patties and slices of cheese on your Big Mac.

mcdonalds-land-sea-and-air- - CopyLand Sea and Air Burger

Can’t decide what type of sandwich to order?  Then don’t.  It’s a Big Mac (or McDouble if that’s your thing), a Filet-O-Fish, and a McChicken that you then assemble yourself.  Again, results of ordering it this way will vary, but at least you don’t risk catching charges for soliciting the poor girl at the counter as with another option we mentioned.:


Taco Bell:  Trying to keep up with Chipotle, apparently.

Taco Bell has developed a secret menu list that is almost as long as the regular menu.  Today, let’s ease into this with three superhero-named creations:

the-hulk-foods-photo-u1 - CopyThe Hulk

Easy enough to see where it get’s its name.  But no, it’s not just a bowl of guacamole.  This is a burrito, in fact, it’s any burrito you want to order off the menu, but just ask them to add guac.  Emphasize you are looking for it to be done with extra guac, and you get more than the one small scoop they usually allocate.

taco-bell-secret-menu-the-incredible-hulk - CopyThe Incredible Hulk

No, it’s not the same ordering a burrito transformed into the Hulk as described above.  This one is created by ordering a 5 Layer Burrito with guacamole instead of the nacho cheese.  Typically ordered without the inner 6 inch shell and sour cream, request it be made FRESCO.

445eeabc44ac90bcc00bbccbfb0294dccfa51b9c - CopySuperman

Arguably this one deserves the moniker of the Incredible Hulk – it is by far the largest of the secret menu options at Taco Bell (especially now that Quesarito is a regular menu option).  Just order the Cheesy Double Beef Burrito with extra potatoes, sour cream, guacamole, and crispy tortilla strips inside added inside.

We also had some questions about whether secret menus are exclusively a fast food thing or if any other casual or upscale dining options offered them. And while most “secret menu” attention goes to fast food places, we will keep trying to present some unique options at their classier (read: pricier) counterparts:


P.F. Changs:

PFChangsMongolianBeef - Copy

The Mongo Trio: The Mongolian Beef is a popular choice at this upscale Asian restaurant, but those in-the-know are aware of a menu hack to take this dish next level. Ask your server for the Mongo Trio. The “Mongo” an in-house term used for describing the regular beef dish, but the trio comes with beef, chicken, and shrimp. If your server doesn’t know the name, just ask to add chicken and shrimp to the Mongolian Beef.  (Just the Beef is pictured above, not many photos in the wild of this one).


Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House

With multiple locations, Del Frisco’s is a solid choice for a great steak in numerous areas of the country.  The New York location gets credit for most of these secret menu items, but you can find them anywhere.

del-frisco-s-double-eagle - CopyIMG_4610 - CopyBacon

Order off the menu bacon strips that come as a side or an appetizer, and even can be paired with seared scallops as a small plate option.  Size and cut vary by location, so we let you see two pictures of what you may be getting (to go with your clogged arteries).

If you know of any others, or want to request we sleuth a specific establishment, hit us up on Facebook  or Twitter.