Champion of the Week

We all have our heroes. To some it may be a historical figure, others choose a sports legend, but for 37 year old Daniel Allen Nobel it’s “Rambo”. That’s right, John Rambo. The ever shirtless, muscle bound Communist killing machine made popular by one of cinema’s greatest artists Silvester Stallone.








According to First Blood, John Rambo returned from Vietnam after being kept in a North Vietnamese POW camp where he and several other American soldiers where brutally tortured before they managed to escape. Upon his arrival in the states Rambo was subjected to insults and disdain by filthy anti-war hippies, causing a severe case of post-traumatic stress disorder. Instead of laying around feeling sorry for himself and decapitating hippies with a combat knife Rambo decided to re-enlist and rescue POWs remaining in Vietnam.

While the story of John Rambo ends in the wastes of Afghanistan, because nobody gives a shit about the 2007 Rambo flick, Daniel Noble picked up where Rambo left off, only this time in central Florida. It’s unclear what set Nobel off, as witnesses claim that Noble had been sitting and drinking quietly at the bar of the “Europa Lounge”, perhaps our first clue, in Palm Coast, FL, before he left. Another possible clue comes in the name of the couple of comrades also at the establishment, Vassili Mironov and Roman Dubinsechi, obviously Soviet operatives. Nobel stealthily made his exit, went home and geared up. An assault rifle, a couple of blades, a blood soaked rag used as a head band and a disillusioned sense of patriotism. Noble made his way back to the bar but quickly realized that his hero had something he didn’t, years of military training and actual fitness. Noble was disarmed, knocked unconscious and arrested.

For all his effort Noble could never actually become his hero. That’s just how the world works. No one can ever actually turn into The Incredible Hulk or surpass Hank Aaron in homers or even achieve some medical breakthrough (Besides Barry Bonds who did all that).









Few people even try, but Daniel Noble DID try. Even if Noble was taken down by two drunks at a bar he still is FirstandMonday’s Champion of the Week. Because we all need heroes.