Champion of the Week

Tony Kelly, Irishman, surprisingly not throwing hands at the The Champ.


Sometimes the universe aligns itself just right to create amazing, or disastrous, results. It’s how the computer geek that doesn’t even watch sports catches a foul ball because he scored free tickets to the game at the mall while he was buying anime figurines, while the die hard fan next to him, who would sell his first born to catch a game ball and never misses a game, decided to take a leak at that exact moment. It’s your miserable married buddy that met his wife at a McDonalds drive-thru during a 2AM drunken stupor. Had he just gone home, and woken up early the next day for church, he could have met the woman of his dreams. Nevermind, that second one is backwards. He’s miserable because he married the bible thumping hag that’s been banging one of the Deacons at every fish fry. Either way, we digress. ¬†Sometimes fate is a bitch, other times a sweet nymph.

When Louisville, KY plumber Tony Kelly, an Irish immigrant, found out that a work call happened to be next to Muhammad Ali’s home, the die-hard boxing fan couldn’t believe his luck. Kelly decided he must not let this fortune slip through his fingers, because after all, how often would he have the opportunity to meet a living legend? So when the Irishman was told that Ali was not available and to come back in an hour, he assumed his luck had run out. To his astonishment Ali’s wife was true to her word and allowed Kelly a meeting with the Greatest himself. Kelly’s fortune kept coming when he learned that this day was no ordinary day, it was the Champ’s 71’st birthday and Ali was thrilled to have an Irish fan at his home.

Ali knocks out Apollo Creed


One could argue that Kelly meeting one of his idols is just dumb luck. Or maybe years ago, on the day that Kelly met his wife and decided to move to Louisville, KY and take up the plumbing trade, the stars aligned in such a way that a Irishman would have the opportunity to brighten an old champion’s birthday. Regardless if it was the stars, divine intervention by St. Patrick, or a clogged toilet, Kelly still needed a hefty bag-pipe to knock on the legend’s door and request a face to face. For the audacity of that simple action Tony Kelly is FirstandMonday’s Champion of the Week