Champion of the Week 2-3-14

Yes, Please.
Stevens Point, WI based brewery Lakemaid Beer knows what it’s customers want. Beer, fishing, and drinking beer while fishing. And during winter the good folks at Lakemaid Beer know that a good chunk of it’s customers will be on one of the upper Midwest’s countless frozen lakes manning a cold hole. While most fishermen prepare for a fishing trip by packing plenty of supplies and beer we all know that sooner or later someone will have to make a cigs and beer run, specially if the walleye are biting. That means packing up your gear, locking up the ice house and, since any fishing hole worth a damn is in the middle of nowhere, driving a couple of hours to the nearest store. That’s a lot of work for someone who’s probably trying to limit out AND already half in the bag. Might as well just pack it in and cozy up to the little old lady, and who the hell wants to do that?

The brain trust at Lakemaid Beer are attempting to solve this issue by taking a cue from Amazon and the military. Instead of anonymously delivering sex toys and bombing Afghan villages, Lakemaid beer is using drones for the betterment of mankind, by delivering beer. With an easy call any ice fisherman can have an ice cold brew delivered to his ice house before he can say “Oh my God I can’t feel my legs!” In fact, Lakemaid may be the pioneer that future drone delivery services model themselves after. “It’s the perfect proving ground for drone delivery,” said Lakemaid  Beer Co. President Jack Supple, “Our initial tests on several mid-size lakes have been very successful. We’re looking forward to testing the range of our drones on larger lakes.”

Unfortunately for Lakemaid and alcoholic ice fishermen the FAA has grounded the booze hauling drones until further safety testing can be done. Because having drunken fisherman driving on icy roads is a better option at this time, right, FAA?. Other safety issues like age verification and making sure voyeuristic drone operators stay away from yoga classrooms must be taken into consideration as well. But the era of drone delivery is upon us and one day we’ll say that Lakemaid Beer led the way. And for that they are our Champions of the Week. Now if they can stop by the gas station and pick up a pack of Marlboro Reds and a bag of Doritos they will be the early frontrunner for Champions of the Decade.