Caving to Bullies

Caving to Bullies…

By Iaine MacDonald (@IaineMacComedy) 

Wake up Righties!  You’re gonna love me today because… I’m on YOUR side today!!!

Yesterday, CNN fired Jeffrey Lord.  In case anyone reading this doesn’t know who Lord is, he is a Republican nut-bar who has a perpetual hard-on for Ronald Reagan because he used to work in the Reagan administration as a political director.  The dude has an entire room in his house that is PLASTERED with Reagan pictures, it’s a fucking shrine.  Seriously, Ron Reagan Jr thinks this guy is creepy as fuck.  Lord came into the modern public eye two years ago, when he became one of the talking heads on CNN by being one of the first people to come out in support of Trump’s candidacy.

I want to be clear on two things right off the bat.

#1 – I differentiate between “Republican” and “nut-bar”, I don’t think the two terms are 100% interchangeable.  I have no problem with RATIONAL Republicans, and equally I have no problem pointing out a Democrat nut-bar (if only they would poke their heads up from Instagramming the kale and gluten-free salads they’re feeding their rescue dog because they don’t see any problem with the dog living a vegan lifestyle).

#2 – I can’t fucking stand Jeffrey Lord.  I find it hard to pick whether he’s actually crazy, or is just THAT fucking stupid, but I know it’s one of those choices.  I’ve been tweeting CNN and showrunners to get rid of him for a year and a half.  He brings nothing substantive to any discussions, he’s there only so CNN can show they’re giving both sides equal time.  This is a bullshit business policy – I don’t mind the idea of giving both sides equal opportunities, but if that is your motivation, have the ‘other’ side’s representative be someone of value.  There ARE reasonable Republicans out there.  The only problem is, none of them are real Trump supporters, and most refuse to defend him in the press.  You would think I’d be happy to hear that CNN fired Lord yesterday…surprise!

So here’s what happened:  Lord lost what little was left of his brain matter and went on Twitter to rebuke some liberal guy about encouraging people to boycott Sean Hannity (a completely worthwhile endeavor that I whole-heartedly approve of BTW).  When the guy tweeted back, Lord then responded by facetiously tweeting “Sieg Heil!”  Unsurprisingly, Twitter exploded with shame tweets and calls for his firing.  CNN quickly cut their connection with him, reportedly while he was in his car on the way to the studio to appear on a show.

You would think a dyed-in-the-wool progressive like me would jump for joy at this, but again, this is where I do tend to go after the snowflakes.  Now, maybe I’m just too literal for popular culture (entirely likely, due to the Asperger’s), but I don’t get upset about WORDS.  If you ignore the association, the phrase “sieg heil” literally translates to “hail victory”.  Yes, it was quickly absorbed as the rallying cry of the Third Reich and then evolved into the non-verbal Hitler salute, and I have found no other association related to the particular phrase.  BUT…the words existed before Hitler and his goons.  Using it for the Hitler salute was not the first and only time in history the words were used.  Much like the swastika, the phrase was a neutral thing until it was appropriated for a use which modern time has determined was offensive.  In fact, the swastika is an ancient religious icon, found as far back as early Mesopotamian civilization, and was used to denote good luck and auspiciousness.  A symbol isn’t inherently evil, and neither are words.

However, even if you accept that some phrases and symbols have become so associated with horrible things in the past that they should be permanently put out of common use (*cough cough Confederate flag cough cough*), you also have to accept that Lord was being facetious.  He was using a phrase associated with fascism to respond to someone he thought was exhibiting fascist behavior.  I don’t agree with his opinion on it, but he was being sarcastic.  If you don’t think Lord was being sarcastic, you have to then think Lord is a Nazi.  I’m sorry if I’m using Aristotelian Logic to make my point, but there’s a reason it’s still around.

If you genuinely think Jeffrey Lord is a Nazi, I have no problem with firing him for what he tweeted.  But nobody actually thinks he’s a Nazi.  No one at CNN really thinks that.  Either they’ve been wanting to get rid of him for a while and saw this as perfect cover to toss him before his contract expired, or they’re just kow-towing to the public shaming that erupted on social media, and I’ve said on numerous occasions that I find that practice distasteful.

So enjoy yourselves Republicans!  I’m on your side until the next conservative abomination hits.  Balance of probability is that it should be any second now….

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