This burger can be made for you over-eaters that love a good feast or you under-eaters that want to take a picture of your meal and tag #Whole30 or #Paleo.  Doesn’t matter what kind of eater you are, these burgers are for you.



2 lbs of ground chuck, or your ground meat of choice
8 slices of bacon
8 slices of smoked gouda
red and green bell peppers
white onion
minced garlic
olive oil
salt & pepper
a can or bottle
Serving: 4 burgers
Time: 1 hour prep time, 1 hour & 20 minute cook time
And let’s face it… it doesn’t hurt to have a pool in the background.  Oh yeah, America!
First up is the veggies. Our plan was to slice these on the mandolin to get them very thin, but then we found myself at the pool shortly after breakfast and didn’t want to pack up the entire kitchen. We just sliced them as thin as possible with a knife and it worked out just fine. We used one red bell pepper, one green bell pepper and half of a white onion. We used an electric skillet since we weren’t in the kitchen, but any pan will do. Put a few tablespoons of olive oil and a teaspoon of minced garlic in the pan on high heat. Cook at about 375*. Once the garlic is nice and brown, toss in your peppers and onions and cover.
While the veggies were cooking, we started on the meat.  Yes, meat.  The more the merrier, which is why we made four 1/2 pound beautiful balls of meat (no pun intended).  We’ve heard it said before that you can’t have too much meat.  We will let others decide, we just know what we’re working with, and it’s glorious.  You can use your very own blend of meats or whatever you buy at the local butcher.
When you forget one of the most important parts of “Beer Can Burgers” you must improvise.  No beer cans in sight this early in the morning so we went with a small milk bottle.  Ingenious, we know.  Just make sure the bottom of your “meat bowl” is roughly 1/2 inch thick.  This will give you a good base for all your fixins.  Wrap the edges in bacon to give it that nice bacon burger flavor because, you can’t have enough bacon, you might want to think about frying up some beforehand and placing the bits in the bowl for an even more bacon effect.  Heck yeah! Bacon!
We dropped a nice thick slice of smoked gouda in the bottom of our bowl.  If you’re going strictly Paleo or Whole30, you can look away for now.
Now that your bowl is all set and your veggies should be nice and caramelized, you can add them to your bowl.  So delicious.
Now, you’re ready to put these bad boys on the grill.  Place them to the side or somewhere on the grill to get indirect heat.  Keep the temp around 300 degrees.  You can rotate them once or twice during the 1 hour it will take to cook.
After an hour, you have a delicious taste of heaven.
As you can see, we placed another slice of gouda on top near the end of completion for an even cheesier taste.  You can tailor this burger to your liking.
Want a different assortment of veggies?  No problem, go for it.  Different kind of cheese or bacon?  Do it!  We opted not to place them on a bun.  We are in the “undereater” category at the moment due to over consumption of beer, but these babies caused our taste buds to break out in a remix of Pharrell Williams’ Happy.  I’m sure your song will be equally as enjoyable and delicious.