April 12 – National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

Messing up a grilled cheese sandwich is like finding a turd on the floor next to a toilet. How does that even happen?

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ― Leonardo da Vinci

Of course Leo da Vinci wasn’t talking about the grilled cheese sammich, most likely about pecker sculpting techniques, but nevertheless it also beautifully applies to the delicious no-nonsense grilled cheese. In fact, it’s the simplicity of the grilled cheese that makes it so tasty and convenient. Bread, cheese and a bit of butter flipped a couple of times on a hot pan and you’re in business.

For every single guy, lazy housewife and stoner with the motivation of a sloth on sizzurp, the grilled cheese sandwich has subdued hunger since the invention of sliced bread and processed cheese. The very process of making a grilled cheese screams simplicity:

– Bread – ANY BREAD
– Cheese- ANY CHEESE
– Butter- ANY BUTTER

– Cover one side of two slices of bread in butter
– Place bread butter side down on hot pan
– Stack cheese on bread, the more the cheesier
– Close sandwich
– Grill both sides until bread is crispy and cheese is molten
– Eat

Then comes the age old question, ketchup or tomato soup. The easy answer is that it doesn’t matter, as both just enhance the experience. On National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day the idea is to keep it simple, stupid, and just enjoy your damn sandwich!