Audio Book Review: The Remaining

Book by D.J. Molles
Narrated by Christian Rummel
8 hours 40 minutes

Who would be interested in this book? 
People who can’t get enough of zombies. There are video games, movies, TV shows, festivals, 5k runs, and books about Zombies, but some are not satisfied and want a to escape to the world of the zombie apocalypse.

How long is the book? 

This is the first book of a series, each book is 200-350 pages long. I picked up the audiobook version during a sale on Audible. It lasts about 8.5 hours in audio form.

Okay, what is the book about? 

The Remaining is a book version ripoff of The Walking Dead graphic novel with a military twist. Your main character is a cop  military hero that is ordered to go underground in case of dire circumstances on U.S. soil. Well he goes down in a bunker when the zombie apocalypse begins. He then wakes from his coma ventures out of his safe house to find the world gone to shit.

The people were infected with a virus that spreads through bodily fluid contact and other unmentioned ways. Biting increases the infected time. Its not known if these zombies can walk under water. They behave more like the zombies in the 28 Days Later.  But zombies are not the only enemies as the hero is a trained leader in organizing society after a catastrophic event. As per the usual apocalyptic scenario, he faces off in the first book with groups of bandits and looters, while attempting to establish a group that can rebuild society.

Are you recommending this Book?

No. It is very similar to the Walking Dead. What is different is the focus on military training and survival techniques, weapon details, and the author likes to use “Fuck”. The story was fairly predictable in the events of what happened. I was a bit caught off guard and wasn’t fully sure what to expect. What I hated most about the book is how it ended. Basically the story started to get interesting, and now I must buy the next book.

This would be fine if all the books came with low prices. For example, I can get any A Song of Ice and Fire books  (20-40 hours each) for the same price (1 audible credit) as the next book in this series (8 hours). I feel like I was ripped off when buying this book, and left wanting more from this story itself.