April 18, 1775 – Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride

Wake your asses up!

At its peak, the British Empire possessed a foothold in every continent and ocean on earth. Historians credit the British with naval superiority and a dominant army on land. The real reason though is that the British where masters of strategy and deception. In other words, the British just outsmarted everyone and could outflank you before you could say “Oy govn’a, yer boots is untied.” POW! Now you’re a criminally taxed colony!

There is one man in history that never let down his guard when it came to those red coat-wearing, tea-chugging, knicker-wearing tricksters, Paul Revere. Revere had devised a system to warn him and other rebels of the imminent British attack he was sure to come at Charleston in what is now Boston. The only problem was that Revere wasn’t sure whether the British would arrive via the Charles River or through a known land route.

Revere solved that problem by setting up his homeboy Robert Neman, sexton of the North Church that sat between the river and land route, to signal movement of the British troops using candle. The signal was to be “One of by land, two if by sea” and two it was. Revere rode through the countryside warning of the coming assault with the now famous cry “The British are coming”. Revere arrived at the home of John Hancock where Samuel Adams, probably hammered, was also residing. Both had been targeted by the British for capture and probably execution. Revere’s ride saved the lives of two key figures in our revolution and today stands as an iconic moment in our nation’s history.

Paul Revere immortalized and allowed to ghostly disturb the sleep of Massachusetts residents for eternity