5 Gift Ideas for Women


Still haven’t found a gift for your significant other? Don’t have a clue where to start? No worries, FAM has you covered. We’re going to go over five gifts that will make them think you put hours and hours of thought into this thing. FAM is going to tap into the little known (to men at least) world of Etsy.com, an online store that specializes in handmade and vintage products . This website is brimming with unique gift ideas and we’re here to narrow it down for you to five great choices. And the best part? They’re great deals! On average, you can buy three to five gifts for under $100 and your wife will think it took you all year to come up with such a wonderful conglomerate of affection. Let’s get started.

1. Boot cuffs. Every woman loves a good knee boot and cuffs are the new thing. Show her your sense of fashion extends further than those hoodies and tennis shoes.

boot cuff

2. Scarves are all the rage right now. You can go animal print, knit, you can even get a literary scarf. Scarves, scarves and more of scarves to choose from. Now that FAM has planted the idea, personalize it to your girl.


3. Personalized Daily Planner. Most women worry, a lot, so having their days/weeks/months/year organized is vital to their existence. Get a personalized day planner with her name on the front and let her know you’re thinking about her and understand life can be hectic.


4. Sticking with the fashion trend here, consider a handmade turban headband. There are tons of patterns and designs to choose from and she’ll love the funky vibe.


5. Jewelry. What, you thought we wouldn’t get to it? Please. FAM knows all women love jewelry. Etsy offers a wide variety of handmade, unique jewelry that you won’t find in any department or box jewelry store. Every woman loves to utter the phrase “it’s handmade and one of a kind” to her friends and watch for any hint of jealousy in her friends face so that she can bask in the glow of victory.


So while FAM isn’t going to pick out the exact gift for you (even though we could), we’ve provided you with five ideas that you can use this holiday season to wow your girl and make her at least think you’ve been planning these gifts for months.