2018 NBA All Star Starters: Who belongs and who doesn’t?

2018 NBA All Star Starters: Who belongs and who doesn’t?

By Card44

East Starters

Lebron James
The Greek Freak
Joel Embiid
Kyrie Irving
Demar Derozan

What would I change?

I’d change it to front court and back court players and remove Embiid. Joel Embiid a great talent, but he’s missed 20% of the games this season, and I’d start Porzingis over him. I’d also start John Wall over Kyrie. Kyrie Irving is a great scorer, but he’s not a very good facilitator and is a defensive liability.

West Starters

Steph Curry
Kevin Durant
James Harden
Anthony Davis
Boogie Cousins

What would I change?

I’m removing Steph Curry, and putting in Russell Westbrook, he’s better and the stats agree. Curry has also missed 20% of the season. I’d also make Westbrook the Western captain. Damian Lillard is also more deserving than Steph, but that doesn’t matter. My initial thoughts were to have Towns over Boogie, after reviewing stats they got it right.


For the first time ever the captains, James and Curry, will be picking teams. I just did a coin flip at home and Lebron won the first over all pick and I’m going to do a mock draft.

Pick 1 team James: Kevin Durant
Pick 1 team Curry: Greek Freak
Pick 2 team James: James Harden
Pick 2 team Curry: Anthony Davis
Pick 3 team James: Boogie Cousins
Pick 3 team Curry: Demar Derozan
Pick 4 team James: Joel Embiid
Pick 4 team Curry: Kyrie Irving

That would give you:

Team James:

PG: Harden
SG: James
SF: Durant
PF: Cousins
C: Embiid

Team Curry:

PG: Kyrie
SG: Curry
SF: Derozan
PF: Greek Freak
C: Davis

The positioning seems weird here, but I don’t see Lebron picking Irving in any scenario, and relishing the chance to cover him, so it distorted the roster a bit.

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