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December 1, 2017

December 1 – Rosa Parks Day

Revolutions usually start with something earth shattering like an assassination, a bloody coup-d-tat or some bitch telling starving people to eat moldy …

You Laugh, You Lose 12-1-2017

Every Friday we bring you all the funniest gifs, memes and videos we can find. Can you make it through without laughing once? Not always safe for work, but always hilarious…its You Laugh, You Lose!

Top 10 College Football Uniforms

FAM’s Top 10 College Football Uniforms By Bruce Harris The marching bands, the grand old traditions, the colors and the pageantry of …

FAM’s Top 5 Fatletes

FAM’s Top 5 Fatletes By Baxter McFarland Since America is a nation comprised of a high percentage of disgusting sour bodies, we …