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March 2017, Page 2

Yesterday Ended: Enter Today 3-24-2017

Our Daily YEET will put you in the know, now! Find out what happened On This Day, which celebs are celebrating birthdays and what everyone will be talking about on this #ChocolateCoveredRaisinsDay.

You Laugh, You Lose 3-24-2017

Every Friday we bring you all the funniest gifs, memes and videos we can find. Can you make it through without laughing once? Not always safe for work, but always hilarious…its You Laugh, You Lose!

On This Day – March 23

1775 – Patrick Henry proclaims “Give me liberty or give me death” There was a time early on during the American Revolution …

Energy Drink Power Rankings

Reading a recent headline about five thieves nearly absconding with a U Haul full of Red Bulls worth $4,700 got us thinking …